Prepaid ADSL - ADSL on the go!

1GB Prepaid ADSL


Once off

2GB Prepaid ADSL


Once off

3GB Prepaid ADSL


Once off

Bandwidth 1GB 2GB 3GB
Recomended Usage Usage over time Usage over time Usage over time
Connectivity Speed up to 10mbps** up to 10mbps** up to 10mbps**
Concurrent Connections 4 4 4
*Mail accounts with webmail 1 1 1
Data Validity 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Unshaped Bandwidth
Instant Activation
Fibre Backbone (IS)
** 24/7 Telephonic Support
Enquire Enquire Enquire
  • More Information

    ADSL Prepaid Accounts – Do you like to purchase bandwidth in bulk? Do you not like losing the bandwidth you don’t use up in the month? Then the Netspace ADSL Prepaid Account is for you.

    You pay once-off for the account (I.E. a 1GB Prepaid account is R89.00 for the whole GB. – Not monthly). You have 12 months to use up the 1GB of bandwidth. And you can top-up your account with more Prepaid bandwidth at any time, if your bandwidth is running out.

    All Netspace ADSL international bandwidth is supplied via fibre optic links. This gives you a FASTER surfing experience without all the latency. Plus there is no need to add fancy proxy settings or any other 3rd party software. Just add our Netspace username and password to your router and you are ready to go.

These accounts allow speeds up to 10 Mbps (24/7) if your Telkom ADSL line supports it.